Collegium was born from the motivation of the founders to create in the Algarve a reference offer in what concerns a complete set or services either to local, national or multinational companies, as well as to individuals, investors or simply citizens with their tax obligations. That set includes accounting services, monthly payroll, fiscal and accounting advisory services; audit services; tax compliance, tax planning and verification of tax returns; consulting in the management areas, information systems and human resources; preparation of business plans, financial advisory services, including merges and acquisitions, company’s recovery, project finance and management outsourcing.

By that time, in 1994, in partnership with one of the biggest world companies in audit and advisory services, was formed Collegium Algarve, representative company of Coopers & Lybrand.
Business evolution and international conjuncture leads in 1998 to the merge of the two biggest world companies of the sector, Coopers & Lybrand and Pricewaterhouse, creating the world biggest company in firm related services, PricewaterhouseCoopers. By then Collegium Algarve was converted into Algarve’s PWC office, in Albufeira.

In the search of directing the company to the target market, in 2000, through a management buyout operation the separation from PWC happened and it was created the now called Collegium – Consultores de Gestão e Administração de Empresas, Lda., with a client’s tailored set of services offer, directed to their real needs. Collegium presents itself as a company aimed to render superior level company and individuals services, consolidated in competent professionals which main goals are always the complete and full satisfaction of the clients’ needs and expectations.


Create value for our customers through appropriate strategic and market-oriented guidelines;
Work every day to meet the needs of the costumers, always trying to anticipate problems instead of having to resolve them;
Improve and continuously innovate in order to exceed customer expectations through an adequate response to their needs, aiming for their complete satisfaction and loyalty. At the same time, ensure efficient management of human and material resources.


Be a top consulting firm, looking for leadership in all sectors of activity where it operates, through differentiating concepts and integrated solutions that create value for its clients and business partners.


The company assume as fundamental pillars of its conduct, the following values:

Accuracy | Confidence | Commitment | Ethic