Albufeira, a popular tourist destination in Portugal, has implemented a tourist tax, which is a fee charged to visitors staying in the area. Tourist taxes are commonly used by local governments to generate additional revenue, which can be reinvested into tourism infrastructure, maintenance of public spaces, and other community projects that benefit both residents and visitors. So, starting from 21 st of May 2024 will be charged a tourist tax 2,00 euro per person (over to 12 y. o.) per night (max. 7 nights).

If you are a rental property holder with AL (local accommodation) license you will need to register your property by link (in PT only):…/1FAIpQLSdzD3T6lq7N…/viewform..

If you are a local accommodation management company (it can include more than one local accommodation), please, use link (in PT only):…/1FAIpQLScVDRC9p2WHT79…/viewform

After the property is registered you can find it by link:
The QR code you get can be used by your guests to proceed the payment at check-in:

Taxa Turistica imagem

After the payment is done your guest will get the receipt in proper name and touristic guide (in PT, ENG and FR) by e-mail. You can also find some useful information here (in PT only):, and get extra explanation by e-mail: