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Collegium offers a complete set of services, whether for local, national or multinational companies or for individuals, entrepreneurs or just citizens with tax obligations.

This set of services comprises accounting, salary processing, tax and accounting advice; audit services; assistance with tax compliance, tax planning and tax return review; consultancy in the areas of management, information systems and human resources; elaboration of business plans, financial consultancy services, including mergers and acquisitions, project financing, company recovery and management outsourcing.

Accounting Services

We work with rigor and professionalism so that our clients’ accounts present the real financial and equity situation and allow a correct management analysis. We provide regular technical advice and use the most modern computer options available.

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Human Resources

In the Human Resources area, we provide payroll services, preparation of salary simulations, compliance with all declarative and legal obligations and technical advice in the areas of planning and resource optimization.

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Tax Consulting

We support our clients so that they can achieve maximum efficiency and tax savings, we provide tax planning and consultancy services and guarantee the fulfillment of all declarative and tax obligations, both for individuals and for companies.

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